Night Engine - Young And Carefree

Few songs you like on first listen. On first play of Night Engine – hands up – I didn’t really like this band. I loved them! Night Engine waste no time in introducing themselves. When I met the lovely Phil from Night Engine when he came on my podcast, while I was raving about how much I loved the dancefloor dynamite of their debut single ‘Seventeen’, he revealed what it was really about: a young man who resents older people, and probably kills them too: ‘seventeen, a handful of murders’ they croon in the opening lyric. So maybe not your average coming-of-age song, then. But frankly, they could be singing about anything and you'd be too busy dancing to notice.

Night Engine are getting attention left, right and centre, and rightly so - with comparisons to Prince, Bowie and Franz. But that doesn't bother them - and why should it? In fact they're thrilled by this, and you can hear all of them embedded deep within their music. Take their new single 'Young and Carefree' - while it shudders with a fresh now-ness, they knows their way round a kick-ass pop song, in an 'if it ain't broke why fix it?' kinda way. You get the feeling their engine powers at its best on a Friday night. Just imagine Night Engine on stage, psychedelic light filters TOPTP2-style, with the singer giving you a devilish grin and arching eyebrow. Now that's what I call a pop band. While it reminds you that pop music can be unpredictable, dangerous and sexy all over again, it harks back to the classics - so know, whatever they sing about, they're still respecting their elders.



SPRING KING - Avocado City / Waiting / Sticks

New sounds from a city that is okay. It is Spring and these guys are here to be Kings of it. Make up your own blog post, I'm tired, okay? But yeah - this is great, in a kind of post-Egyptian Hip Hop-circa 2009 way, crossed with a bit of slacker rock. I don't know - make up your own reference points, I'm tired.



For ‘those who you love and let down’.


Silkies - It Hurts to be Sixteen

A cover by the glorious Silkies. Our friends at Heart Throb records put out a tape of theirs not long ago, and it was pretty cool - this carries on 



HOMESHAKE is the solo project of Montreal based Peter Sagar who spent last year doubling up as Mac DeMarco’s live guitarist. Sagar’s first release The Homeshake Tape  is out this week on Fixture Records.
Weighing in at 25 minutes, Sagar’s release is an assured brand of sophisticated bedroom lo-fi pop. First track ‘HATERS’ begins with a tone of restlessness ( “I’m so bored / Take me to another place / I just can’t wait…ahh, ahh ahhh) which progresses later into a shade of homosocial desire with ‘Northern Man’. On ‘Sally’ the entreaties become more focused, shaped by trickles of loner-like sentiments and dead-pan vocals. Closer ‘Moon Woman’ dallies with the fine line between bedroom sleaze and tenderness which you feel has been bubbling as a sub-text to the previous tracks. It’s an incredibly cool closer from a debut that accommodates so much variety and affability.
Stream The Homeshake Tape below and purchase records or tickets over at Fixture Records: